Fashion Photo Shoot - Amelia Chang

Amelia Chang photoshoot at Sunsetway

Amelia Chang photoshoot at Sunsetway

Amelia Chang photoshoot at Upper Selatar Reservoir

This is my fifth photoshoot with Amelia. She had started helping me since the beginning of my photography journey when I knew nuts about shooting.

We were attempting to shoot at the railway track at Sunset Way and only got to realise the bridge was closed when we reached there. We made a board decision to travel all the way to Upper Selatar Reservoir and found with the noon sun. We were quite unlucky that the watch tower was under renovation and we could not take any shot up there.

Amelia had improved a lot and could pose easily. We were only lack of a makeup and hair artist.

The photos would appear much better if only I had external lighting. However, it was the best I could do with the limited equipment.

Venue: Sunset Way & Upper Selatar Reservoir
Date: 30 April, 2013

Model: Amelia Chang
Hairstylist: Amelia Chang
Makeup Artist (MUA): Amelia Chang
Wardrobe: Amelia Chang

Camera: Sony NEX F3
Lens: Sony 50mm F1.8

Editing: Advanced

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