Art, Glamour and Boudoir Photographer in Singapore

Photoshoot with Karina Cognomen at Kovan Residency

Reasons why I love the art:

  1. The feeling of being trusted
    The effort - I have been devoting a large portion of my time working on photography, including this website with the forever inceasing amount of huge contents. I'm a man of principle and I do not take advantage of people. Having people trust me in their looks and bodies makes me feel great and satisfied.
  2. Help people build confidence
    Helping people to look good will also build up their confidence. The world will become so much more beautiful if all the people with low self esteem can get onto their feet and live happier.
  3. Sense of achievement
    The love for art and my inner competitive mind also tries to push my limit, especially after I see many distasteful sexy photos appearing on Facebook.
  4. Uniqueness
    I do not like things that are too mainstream, which anyone (photographer) can do. Given that there are fewer chances to do art shoot since most people are looking for only casual fashion shoot, it is very attractive to me.
  5. Marketing value
    Art shoots are usually sexy and can generate more reactions in social media.

Photoshoot with Selvy Sequence at Hotel Michael While you are still young
Time waits for no one and everyone should take more photos while they are still young. Let the photos help you to bring back your gorgeous moments years later when you are no longer able to attract "bees".

Art vs Porn
There is nothing wrong with doing sexy photoshoot for the sake of own self-keeping, purely for the sake of art or to surprise your boyfriend or husband. There is, however, a distinct difference between tasteful and distasteful photos, which can be classified under art and pornography respectively. Unfortunately, not everyone can tell the difference as long as their photos can garther many LIKEs in Facebook.

The difficulties
Sexy portrait shoot is a great challenge to me because communication is very important. I'm a careful photographer who tries too hard to not let anyone get the wrong idea during the shoot. It is difficult to guide a model without any body contact. If the model is not comfortable with me, it may forbid me to suggest ideas or give instructions. However, with the correct model who is open-minded and trusts me completely, I will be able to produce good results as seen in my portrait portfolio.

Beyond photographer
Everyone can appear sexy in photos. Nevertheless, some girls will definitely need the help of hair and makeup artists to style and create the good impression. As for a photographer like me, I can help by posing and lighting you in a glamourous way. Props can help as well.

Hair and makeup for Kelly Lim by Kelly Lim Dangers
There are definitely dangers in doing sexy photoshoot, especially nude shoot. This is why I always advise people to take only photos that they do not mind others will somehow get to see in future. Girls should also be mindful of their boyfriends or husbands, or probably future ones.

The advantages of working with me to create art work are that you will be safe and I only go for tasteful art. You will be safe to work with me because I do not touch my models, not even to pose them.

Working with freelance models
Apart from the reasons above, freelance models have been approaching me because they need good portfolios to showcase to their potential clients. They do get photos from their existing clients, usually hobbyists, after their shoots but the quality of photos may not be able to help them to build a good portfolio. Having distasteful photos inside their portfolios will only give everyone the wrong impression and they will likely attract more of the wrong crowd and clients.

Contact me
If you are an easygoing person who has the same mindset as me, do contact me for a heart to heart discussion to see how can I help you. I'm looking forward to create more artistic and mind-blowing work that can stand out from the rest. I'm open to boudoir couple shoot too as long as it is an artistic shoot.

Photoshoot with He Ling at V Hotel Bencoolen

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