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Cat Photoshoot - Kelly Lim, Misha & Sky @ Bukit Panjang Dog Photoshoot - Ttang Kong @ Yishun Dog Photoshoot - Singapore Dachies @ Singapore Botanic Gardens Pet Conceptual Photoshoot - Luckie Chan @ Indoor Pet Photoshoot - Elmo & Eby @ Indoor Self Portrait - Skai Chan & Luckie @ Indoor Pet Photoshoot - Maisie Chew & Luckie Chan @ Pinnacle @ Duxton Pet Photoshoot - Luckie Chan @ Indoor

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Being a pet lover, I see the wonder of families treating their pets as part of the family. Some people want photographs of their pets to be professionally taken for memory purpose. Others may want to show off their precious ones in their social media accounts.

Pet owners would hire me to their pets' birthday parties to capture the little paws in action. I get along very well with animals, especially pet dogs. I usually get down to their level to produce an intimate angle of view, which can be very physically taxing but rewarding.

Contact me if you're interested in getting a pet lover to capture moments of your little family member.

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