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Corporate Photoshoot - Chia Yaozhong @ Tanjong Pagar (studio) Coporate Photoshoot - Ivy Tan @ Tanjong Pagar (studio) Corporate Photoshoot - Ratna Juita @ Boat Quay Corporate Photoshoot - Ratna Juita @ Raffles Place Park & Boat Quay Corporate Photoshoot - Infunde Development @ Corals at Keppel Bay Corporate Photoshoot - Craft By 3 @ Craft By 3 showroom Corporate Photoshoot - Nickolas Padgalskas @ The Lawn @ Marina Bay Corporate Photoshoot - Ghislaine Nadaud @ The Lawn @ Marina Bay Corporate Photoshoot - Wong Youer @ Makeshift studio, Tanjong Pagar Corporate & lifestyle Photoshoot - Phang Tsang Wing @ Ritz Carlton hotel Corporate Photoshoot - Kyan Soo Wei Qiang @ Indoor Corporate Photoshoot - Tengy Gay Teng Yong @ Indoor Corporate Photoshoot - Thomas Ng @ ShuBox Design showroom

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Many working adults need a formal photograph to present themselves professionally for work purpose. The formal photograph can be used for CV, their company's website and even social media account like LinkedIn. Financial advisors and real estate agents would definitely need one. Some corporate companies may engage professional photographers to do it for their employees as a team.

The quality of the photograph matters a lot. It gives your potential employer and clients the first impression on you. Therefore, if a professionally taken photograph of you would tell the viewer that you're a serious and professional person.

I work with professional lighting and I'm passionate in creating good photographs for people. Contact me to get your professional photographs taken.

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