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The albums on this page are listed in order of the date of shoot, from newest (top) to oldest (bottom). Click the photo to view its full set of photos in higher resolution and write-up about the model and the shoot.

Find out more about my portrait photography to see how I make my work stand out from others.

Commercial Photoshoot - Disinfect Corporate Photoshoot - Disinfect team Corporate Photoshoot - Ratna Juita Corporate Photoshoot - Ratna Juita Bridal Photoshoot - Ridhwan & Ashikin Bridal Photoshoot - Ivia Xiao Hui Editorial Photoshoot - Lovelle Cengiya Bridal Photoshoot - Melanie Bridal Photoshoot - Hilary Tay Bridal Photoshoot - Ayumi Bridal & Implied nude Photoshoot - Eva Loa Bridal Photoshoot - Robyn Skye Bridal Photoshoot - Khin Thuzar Kyaw Bridal Photoshoot - Siaw Jo Bridal Photoshoot - Sharon Ng Editorial Photoshoot - Jolene Chui Bridal Photoshoot - Ng Shinyi Bridal Photoshoot - Hilary Tay Corporate Photoshoot - Infunde Development (team) Corporate Photoshoot - Infunde Development Catalogue Photoshoot - Priscilla Tang Corporate Photoshoot - Craft By 3 Corporate Photoshoot - Nickolas Padgalskas Corporate Photoshoot - Ghislaine Nadaud Corporate Photoshoot - Wong Youer Corporate & lifestyle Photoshoot - Phang Tsang Wing Prewedding Photoshoot - Shengyang & Huiting Editorial Photoshoot - Karina Cognomen Editorial Photoshoot - Boon Hui Corporate Photoshoot - Kyan Soo Wei Qiang Corporate Photoshoot - Tengy Gay Teng Yong Prewedding Photoshoot - Leslie & Sally Prewedding Photoshoot - Nathaniel & Rachel Corporate Group Photoshoot - DPG (Prudential) Group Corporate Photoshoot - DPG (Prudential) Editorial Photoshoot - Angie Mui Pre-wedding Photoshoot - David & Jess Lifestyle Couple Photoshoot - Tommy & Evelyn Corporate Photoshoot - Thomas Ng Prewedding Photoshoot - Ryan & Yuanzhi Lifestyle Photoshoot - Mitsuya Nakata Bridal Photoshoot - Jessyca Ang Pre-wedding Photoshoot - Terry & Lynwen Pre-wedding Photoshoot - Peter & Peiwei Editorial Photoshoot - Ethan Leslie Leong Editorial Photoshoot - Puang Shujuan Prewedding Photoshoot - Mike Ong & Monica Weng

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