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Night Portrait Photography in Singapore

    Read on if you want to create photographs that would:
  1. Show your face so that viewers can recognise you
  2. Show your face beautifully with soft lighting
  3. Show the background (not too blur nor too dark) and yet not let it take away the attention from you due to over-exposure (too bright).

My Night Portrait Photography Work

Conceptual Photoshoot - Ivy Tan Bikini Photoshoot - Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin) Night Outdoor Photoshoot - Karen Ivy Diaz Swimsuit & Night Photoshoot - Rosy Mai Xuan Night Fashion Photoshoot - Audrey Chen Conceptual Photoshoot - Charis Tan Mei Xuan Night Fashion Photoshoot - Renu Conceptual Photoshoot - Hilary Tay Fashion Photoshoot - Xue Ting Bridal Photoshoot - Robyn Skye Bridal Photoshoot - Siaw Jo Conceptual Dance & Bikini Photoshoot - Jasmine Lim Conceptual Photoshoot - Hilary Tay Night Glamour Photoshoot - Val G Conceptual Photoshoot - Val G Conceptual Photoshoot - Ng Shinyi Conceptual Couple Photoshoot - Kaidi & Ivy Editorial Photoshoot - Boon Hui Night fashion Photoshoot - Tan Rou Ying Conceptual Photoshoot - Constance Huang Fashion & Night Fashion Photoshoot - Marjorie Lining Christmas Santarina Photoshoot - April Night fashion Photoshoot - Lovelle Cengiya Night Fashion Photoshoot - Alessandra Wong Night fashion Photoshoot - Alessandra Wong Couple Photoshoot - Michael & Valerie

One of the most common questions (worries) that people ask me about a photoshoot is whether the ambient lighting at the dim location is bright enough to take the photographs. To most people, photography is only about using of a DSLR camera. Obviously, professional portrait photography is more than that - professional photographers invest and use artificial lighting when necessary to create better lighting.

There are different ways to do both night photography and photography at locations that are dim. One common way photographers do is to use fast lens with large aperture to absorb more light. For me, I prefer using of professional lighting so as to achieve the look that I want, including balancing of the light on my subject and the background; I also want to create beautiful soft light to showcase my subject(s) in a flattering way.

In most situations, using of a wide aperture lens isn't most ideal because there will be strong bokeh to blur out the background, which will defeat the purpose of doing the on location shoot. We want to do an outdoor photoshoot because we want to include interesting backgrounds, or otherwise, we might as well do the photoshoot at the comfort (air-conditioned, no walking, no insects, not affected by weather etc) of a studio with plain backdrops. Moreover, most of the time, the subject's face won't be lighted up properly and beautifully if a photographer were to depend mainly on the street lamps.

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