Modelling Casting Calls

Photoshoot with Beverley

I'm a professional freelance photographer who gets paid by taking photographs of my clients. My portfolio speaks for everything. However, as an artist, I would like to create more beautiful work whenever I'm available, apart from having to do more marketing in order for more people to know about my work. Therefore, I do TFCD / test shoots with suitable models who can help me to accomplish some themes that I'm interested in.

This is an opportunity for models who wish to build up their portfolios with quality work to showcase to their potential clients.

What models can gain from doing the shoots with me are the quality of photographs as seen inside my portfolio. The rules and details are inside my TFCD shoot page and thus please read them before contacting me.

Available Themes

I have included a reference album (partially related) out of my existing work for some of the themes, however, they are definitely not the best examples (I can't google and upload other people's work). Moreover, some of my ideas are simply thought out of the box. I do not list the full details for each theme in case people steal my ideas and do them before I'm able to work on them.

The model should be open-minded and also provide the outfit(s), unless indicated.

Apart from the themes/concepts below, I'm also looking for models who are daring enough for me to take photographs for educational purpose by creating more tips for others. For examples, I will be uploading before and after (photoshop) photographs side by side to demonstrate what is professional editing, and I also need to demonstrate errors of both fashion and photography etc. Of course, during the shoot, I will be taking some good photographs to reward the models.

  1. Bikini shoot in studio
    So far, my bikini shoots have been done at the beach or by the pool and in my usual lifestyle shooting style. I'm looking at doing a more model-pose shoot with plain background at indoor so as to expand my portfolio to attract new clients (models who wish to create a full set of professional portfolio) and to showcase result from shooting indoor. Preferably a model with some experience.
    Location: Studio
    Reference: Bikini shoot

  2. Elegant bikini in the beach
    Probably something like the usual stylish modelling poses at the beach but I'm going to show others that I can do it more tastefully. Yes, someone with modelling experience or aura will be more preferred as well.
    Location: Beach
    Reference: Elegant beach bikini shoot

  3. Swimsuit
    I have done quite a few bikini shoots but not swimsuit shoot. Therefore, I'm open to ideas. No experience required.
    Location: Beach or swimming pool
    Reference: Swimwear shoot in a swimming pool

  4. Instant noodle fan
    Wrap up with the noodle's wrapping!
    Location: Indoor
    Reference: None

  5. Tattoo shoot
    An art shoot that focuses on body inks; sexy yet tasteful. The model must be very open-minded. No private part will be shown on the photographs.
    Location: Studio
    Reference: Art tattoo shoot

  6. Elegant dance shoot
    Looking for a ballerina (or any other kind of dancer), gymnast or yoga enthusiast who can do stunts like split while standing on one leg... blah blah.
    Location: Outdoor
    Reference: Outdoor dance shoot

  7. Levitation shoot
    Float in the air.
    Location: Any.

  8. Bike or car shoot
    Pose with the vehicle.
    Location: Outdoor
    Reference: Bike shoot

  9. Hot housewife
    A good housewife knows how to lock her husband's heart by cooking good food. The model doesn't need to really know how to cook. Perhaps, a hot lady in apron by the oven.
    Location: House
    Reference: Sexy fashion shoot

  10. Relaxing day at home
    A girl in her pyjamas or loose clothes lazing around at home. A nice sofa, magazine and a cup of coffee will do the job.
    Location: House
    Reference: Lifestyle shoot at home

  11. Fruits and sunshine girl
    A creative, fun-going and cute girl. Fruits, colours and smiles lighten up everyone's mood.
    Location: Studio or clean background
    Reference: Christmas fun

  12. Elegant "bookworm"
    A lifestyle shoot of an elegant lady in a library, reading mostly.
    Location: Library
    Reference: Lifestyle shoot in furniture mall

  13. Boudoir shoot
    Lingerie, babydoll, bra, panties... women's stuff. Memory's sake - many ladies wish to capture themselves in their bodies before they grow old. I'm building up more portfolio for a big number of potential clients.
    Location: House
    Reference: Boudoir shoot

  14. Implied nude maternity shoot
    Nude but private parts covered. It's more of an art.
    Location: Indoor with clean background or studio
    Reference: Maternity shoot

  15. Sexy fashion shoot
    Outdoor shoot that doesn't wrap the model up. Definitely not the normal type of shoot clients will be paying me to shoot.
    Location: Outdoor
    Reference: Sexy outdoor fashion shoot

  16. High fashion shoot
    Fashion in a gorgeous/elegant gown/dress that the model owns. Probably in a city area.
    Location: Outdoor
    Reference: Outdoor fashion shoot

  17. Boyfriend shirt
    Just a big formal button shirt covering everything.
    Location: House / studio
    Reference: Boyfriend shirt shoot

  18. Mysterious, elegant girl in the sea
    A long dress or gown provided by the model. Standing and floating in the sea.
    Location: Beach
    Reference: Beach shoot

  19. Newspaper art
    Lots of newspaper in the scene.
    Location: Studio
    Reference: Newspaper shoot

  20. East VS West
    Sexy (Western) outfit in a traditional place (Eastern) - the contrast.
    Location: Outdoor
    Reference: Outdoor boudoir and glamour shoot

  21. The wardrobe
    Messy clothes make the background. Probably a cheeky model.
    Location: Indoor

  22. The hot "low-skilled" workers
    Sweepers and construction workers on the street can be hot babes too. Be nice and show respect to our hardworking workers who are willing to take up the jobs that most people do not want to do.
    Location: Outdoor
    Reference: Stylish outdoor shoot

  23. Smoke out
    An artistic shoot that may dirty the entire place, model and unfortunately, my equipment as well. Probably flour.
    Location: undecided

  24. Fairy LED Lighting
    Playing with the lights.
    Location: Flexible

  25. Candles
    Candles will light the model and scene. Get hot.
    Location: Indoor

  26. Art nude
    No clothes on but no private part will be shown. Sexy but tasteful and artistic.
    Location: Indoor
    Reference: Tattoo shoot

  27. Hanging clothes
    Drying the clothes on a rope after they are removed from the washing machine or after handwash.
    Location: Flexible (difficult to find)

  28. Washing machine
    Hot housewife with the washing machine(s).
    Location: Indoor

  29. Taekwondo / Karate
    Showing off the high kicks and impressive moves.
    Location: Flexible

  30. Lesbian shoot
    Nothing kinky. Something more edgy.
    Location: Flexible

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