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Customized & Personalized Photography for You

Why choose to be normal when you can be special? Be unique and do a photoshoot that's more meaningful and suits you.

Ever since I started into portrait photography, I've been trying to do all sorts of creative and bold concepts. It's just too boring to do the same things like most other people. Creating all these spectacular work help to keep my drive and love for photography going.

Perhaps, I also see the beauty of creating pictures that would relate to the models' personal lifestyle, so as to create better memories.

Samples of Personalized Creative Concepts

  1. Dance in the sunset
    Customized & personalized photography for dancers
    If you love dancing, why not do a dance photoshoot that's not so common? Include the sunset at the background but make sure your face is properly lighted up as well. Silhouette is cool but your face is good - show it not only with sufficient light but also with flattering light.
  2. Pretty fairy light
    Customized & personalized photography to look beautiful
    If you want to do something very beautiful and eye-catching, why not do a professional photoshoot with fairy light? It can be done indoor or even outdoor at night.
  3. Water and light
    Customized & personalized photography to show character and inspire everyone
    Show your character by playing with water and lighting. It's edgy, it's cool and it's eye-catching. You can also do more than dancing and use other props instead of water. You can do lots of things.
  4. Student theme
    Customized & personalized photography for a quirky and sweet girl
    Showing off your talent or create a back-to-school feel! You can be quirky or stylish, and it will be fun!
  5. Having fun at the beach
    Customized & personalized photography to create a sexy yet healthy image
    Show off your lively self; be the sunshine person that the crowd loves. Be fun, be wild, just be yourself!
  6. Musical hobby
    Customized & personalized photography for musicians and other talents
    If you've a talent in a musical instrument or others, why not include it in your photoshoot too? If you're game, we can use the props creatively.
  7. With your vehicle
    Customized & personalized photography for proud vehicle (car, bike) owners
    Cars and motorbikes are cool. Let's do something fun with them!
  8. With your pet
    Customized & personalized photography with your dog or cat
    Why not have a photoshoot with your furry friend? Doll them up to make everyone love them more. Spread the love!
  9. Balloons
    Customized & personalized photography for cute or sweet photos
    Be cute, be sweet. Other than balloons, what other cute things do you like?
  10. Toys
    Customized & personalized photography with your toys
    Keep a good memory with your favourite toys or collection!
  11. With fireworks
    Customized & personalized photography with special lighting
    Make use of the free props. How about the street lighting? Be creative!
  12. Fitness / Gym
    Customized & personalized photography for fitness enthusiasts
    Show off your fitness lifestyle in the gym instead of in the outdoor (most common). Fortunately, I've a few gym outlets to pick from.
  13. Retro
    Customized & personalized photography for vintage and retro lovers
    Style yourself up like as if you're in the 70s. You can go for any rare looks!
  14. Hiking
    Customized & personalized photography for the healthy lifestyle
    Keep a memory of yourself enjoying the nature. Singapore is small but have you even visited all the rural or natural places?
  15. Special fashion
    Customized & personalized photography for people who need special styling
    Having a special costume or theme for your company D&D? Why not make use of the chance to do a photoshoot with the styling as well?
  16. Cool Fashion
    Customized & personalized photography for cool and fun fashion photoshoot
    Do a cool/weird fashion photoshoot instead of normal simple ones.
  17. Nature themed
    Customized & personalized photography for countryside and natural styled theme/concept
    Make your friends think you've gone to the countryside. Amaze them and let them ask you questions!
  18. Edgy fashion
    Customized & personalized photography for edgy and uncommon looks
    Be edgy, be stylo. "Wow" everyone who's following you in social media!
  19. Modern corporate
    Customized & personalized photography for modern corporate looks
    Make yourself stand out from the other corporate shoots. Do a modern lifestyle one. Let everyone know you're trendy and creative!
  20. Pre Wedding
    Customized & personalized photography for creative and memorable pre wedding photoshoot
    No more simple botanical garden photoshoot, no more overseas destination pre wedding photoshoot. Be creative for your pre wedding photoshoot and do something that will be more memorable to both of you!
  21. Couple boudoir
    Customized & personalized photography for open-minded couples who love each other
    Be trendy and cool. Do a couple boudoir photoshoot to celebrate your anniversary. Don't worry, we will keep the photographs M18.
  22. Boudoir
    Customized & personalized photography for ladies who wish to build and show confidence and keep good memory of their bodies
    YOLO. Increase your confidence, show off your sexiness and document down your beauty.
  23. Art bridal
    Customized & personalized photography for daring, trendy and outgoing ladies
    Isn't it a dream for many young girls nowadays to do a solo bridal photoshoot before the actual marriage? Bring on the game to the next level.
  24. Document your tattoos
    Customized & personalized photography for tattoo owners
    Because they are part of you. So, make sure both your face and the tattoos are properly and beautifully lighted up.

Create Your Customized and Personalized Pictures

Be fun, be bold, you can be creating all these unique photographs for yourself as well.

Let's discuss!

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